Spa Industry in Armenia

Wellness and spa centers are a rapidly growing sector of tourism industry. They attract tourists from all over the world. Wellness tourism includes spa, gym, meditation, yoga and many other physical and mental exercises that make us much healthier. The term 'spa' derives from Latin acronym sanitas per aqua which is translated as 'health through water'. And as Armenia abounds in mineral water it is one of the greatest resort countries in the world.

The geographical location of Armenia, its mineral water, air, nature, and climate is favorable for health industry. There are several recreational areas in Armenia that offer a great deal of health centers where one can be fully relaxed and well treated. These centers offer spa and wellness services, physical fitness activities as well as healthful cuisine. Such areas include Tsaghkadzor, Jermuk, Dilijan, Arzni, Hankavan, Dzoraghbyur, etc.

Jermuk is known as a town of spa treatment and climate-therapeutic wellness resort. The air is clean and the odor of trees and flowers is spread everywhere. It is known for its mineral water which is exported to other countries as well. It can be used both externally and internally and in both cases it certainly has good influence on our health. Here 'Jermuk Ashkhar' health center complex is situated where one can get a good treatment which includes external and internal use of mineral water; physiotherapy; diet therapy; climate-therapy.

Another resort town is Arzni where 'Health Resort Arzni' is located. The main treatment factors here are mineral water and mountainous climate with low barometric pressure. The water here is very healthy as, for example, it improves the blood circulation and the nutrition of the heart muscle. The health resort here offers baths with mineral water; clay therapy; treatment of spine problems; hydrotherapy: underwater massage, circular, radial, vertical and rain showers; manual therapy: massage, therapeutic exercises, walks in alleys etc.

Hankavan resort area is situated in the picturesque canyon of the river and is surrounded by mountains covered with thick woods. The main curative sources of Hankavan are mountainous climate and mineral water. There are many mineral springs and also places where one can have a bath in mineral water. Here 'Ani Resort' Hankavan holiday house  is situated where wellness services are offered.

Dzoraghbyur, which translates “spring in a canyon”, is also a well known village in Kotayk region, so close to Yerevan and so different in climate.  It is known as resort area, cool and clean air, isolated where one can have great rest and relaxation.  In this small village another spa resort, called Aya Maria Spa Resort Center is located.  Visitors can have different spa services, such as capsule, peeling, wrapping, massages, art therapy and more.

So Armenia provides a wide range of wellness spa centers where one can have healthy rest, fully relax as well as restore good health.

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