Doctor and Tour Operator in South Armenia

He loves the mountains and caves, hiking and exploring, but most of all hunting.  Diving deep into the nature, he forgets himself.  As if he had touched every stone and leave in the surroundings, drank from every well, and smelled every flower ...

He has dived in these springs ...
He has climbed these mountains ...

Rested and slept everywhere in this wild nature ...
He is part of Sisian, he cannot leave himself, he cannot live without his motherland.  Why is it so?

He told us, he doesn't know, maybe it is because of his father and mother?  Maybe his friends?  He doesn't see himself apart from his little town.

He built a B&B, because he wants to show everyone the wonders of wild, peaceful and friendly mountains of southern Armenia.

His name is Suren and he is Gynecologist :)

Here's his website: Travel to Sisian.  He plays with it and will soon upload a lot of photos and information. Visit the site comment his posts, however, he will only be enjoying in his next hunting-hiking-trekking excitement.


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