World's Longest Tramway To Open & Wine Festival in Areni

This weekend is hot down to the south of ArmeniaWorld longest tramway opening on Saturday is the greatest one.  CNN featured the story and now it is coming true!

And Areni Wine festival traditional already, started in 1990s.  On Sunday it will round up and will fill ones weekend with greatest impressions of interaction with villagers and lovely great wine. The festival is a major event for traditional food making and tasting.  There will be  traditional dancing, singing, food-making and tasting, wine-making and tasting, traditional games, contests and so on. Villagers will sell home-made products- cream, honey, nuts and walnuts, vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, baked goods, lavash, home-made jams and jellies, sweet sujukh, herbal teas and all the other products that a typical Armenian household usually prepares for its members.

There is a Facebook Event Invitation now, valid until Saturday.  What's going to be there :)

In 2009 Areni Village Hosted Wine Festival


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  2. Your wish can come true any time, Simon :) And you probably heard that the oldest winery in the WORLD is in Armenia and in Areni. It is 6000 years old. Check out in the internet :) Here's one article:

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