Yerevan 2800 Anniversary - Yerevan birthday 2018

Yerevan 2800

This year in 2018 the capital of Armenia Yerevan is celebrating its 2800th anniversary. It is going to be fantastic in September.

Erebuni Yerevan history

In the 9th century, BC Urartu kingdom was formed on the territory of now-day Yerevan. Archaeologists state that there is a cuneiform inscription that indicates the date of the fortress of Erebuni founded in 782 BC by the orders of King Argishti I at the place of Yerevan, as a fortress.

Ecotourism in Armenia

In busy and occupied societies, people feel lack of close communication with one another. Perhaps this is why they opt for leisure outside the big cities, in rural communities. Ecotourism is the best fit for these busy people.

What is Ecotourism

Imagine yourself going on a real trip in some kind of eco-park instead of having traditional shish kebab and evening karaoke. In such eco-settings you are likely to meet a rabbit, roe deer and if you are lucky enough – even a real fox!

Far from the driveways and dusty roads, you will see what real nature looks like – inspect  every unfamiliar flower you may come across, find glades of rare lilies in the valley and even watch birds known only from fairy tales. We guarantee – everyone will be delighted.

You can test your abilities in wild conditions:

  • try putting up a tent;
  • learn how to make a fire;
  • try preparing food on a skewer.

The camping conditions, of course, are not wild, but they will appeal to those who have decided to taste the spirit of freedom.

Фестивали В Сентябре

Фестивали В Сентябре

Отправиться на отдых в сентябре — отличное решение. А отдых в Армении придется по вкусу многим ! Ведь сентябрь еще и пора самых уникальных фестивалей.

В настоящее время, фестивальное движение во всем мире и в Армении, развивается с каждым годом. Фестиваль становится частью жизни не только столицы, но и маленьких городов.

Фестиваль служит поводом для новых творческих решений, экспериментов, на которые творческие коллективы не решаются  пойти в обычных условиях. Независимые фестивали обеспечивают возможность проявить творческую изобретательность.

Фестиваль гаты ждет всех в деревне Хачик , обл. Вайоц Дзор 22 сентября 2018 года.

Medical Tourism In Armenia HEALTH SPA CENTER “AYA MARIA”

Medical Tourism In Armenia HEALTH SPA CENTER “AYA MARIA”

What makes Armenia such a good destination for medical tourists? There are places which are not only tourist destinations in Armenia but also the highest standard of healthcare in a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

Wellness SPA center “Aya Maria” opened its doors in  2012. During its six-year activity, the center has become a native and favorite place for many people .

Tour to Areni wine festival 2018 Armenia

Every year Armenia is celebrating Areni Wine Festival. Armenia is one of the oldest civilizations which started the production of wine, so as the time passes, the wine becomes tastier.

Areni Wine Festival is a great way to enjoy the best wine not only of Armenia but also of the whole world.

One Way Ticket To Armenia - Story of Zenobia and Family

Our luxurious life in South Africa 
We come from a beautiful country where we had everything, our own businesses that was doing very well and was growing rapidly, a house, two vehicles, a motor bike and a very luxurious life, whereby we could go on holidays and for long drives when ever sees fit, we came from a country with beautiful roads and sites that will take your breath away and that will leave an imprint in your heart, buildings with exclusive designs inside and out and many many races and cultures that our country calls the rainbow nation, country called South Africa, so we have decided to give it all up, we sold everything and gave up everything that we once used to call home.