Roads of Armenia. How comfortable to drive in Armenia?

Gardman Tour is a guiding provider of jeep tour in Armenia. We are a team of adventure
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roads in Armenia. Armenia is admirable for its variegated nature, culture, history, and
architecture, and, certainly, people, hospitality and customs. We offer exciting offroad
travel in Armenia! In our review, you’ll know about roads of Armenia. How comfortable to
drive in Armenia?

Floating Umbrellas in The Streets | Umbrella Sky in Armenia

Do you know that there is also an umbrella street in Armenia? It's not in the capital of Armenia - Yerevan, but in town Talin. Talin is that very town where you can find umbrella sky in the street.

10 Interesting facts about Armenians

Psychologists usually refer to national characteristics as common features among representatives of a nation, which were formed as a result of the centuries-old history of a people’s development. 
From their ancient ancestors, Armenians inherited hard work and craftsmanship. Therefore, Armenians have long been famous for being excellent doctors, architects, farmers, jewellers. 
Also, it is quite interesting to learn about bright emotionality of Armenians, through which they express both joy and delight, anger and outrage.
However, in addition to these well-known distinctive features, which can be found in their homeland, when faced with visiting Armenians, there are others that you can see only by visiting this sunny country.

How to spend summer in Armenia

Each season in Armenia has its own unique flavour and taste,
and summer in Armenia is not an exception.
Days in summer are longer, hotter and lighter due to the topographic features of the country. 

Morning and evening hours are best to get acquainted with Armenia in the summer,
while hot days can be used for relaxing near a cool pool.

Bring comfortable travel shoes,
a camera and sunscreen with you,
as summer in Armenia implies both outdoor activities and passive ones near water.