Вот уже скоро тёплая осень сменится зимой. Погода в Армении зимой холодная, но не морозная. Продолжительность безморозного периода увеличивается с уменьшением высоты.  Январь здесь самый холодный месяц. В это время температура в горных регионах доходит от -12о до – 25о. а в низменных районах составляет -5о -7о. Это делает привлекательным Армению не тольков летний период, но и в зимние месяцы. И с каждым годом число туристов неуклонно растет. Особенно много любителей активного отдыха и зимних видов спорта. Зимой в Ереване можно посетить большое количество музеев и выставочных залов, послушать концертные программы и посмотреть представления. Во всех регионах Армении можно увидеть своими глазами многочисленные заснеженные храмы и монастыри высоко в горах, которые приобретают завораживающий вид.


The velvet revolution in Armenia began with protests on April 13, 2018, under the slogan “Take a step, reject Serzh“.
The velvet revolution of Armenia in 2018 was a real magic which happened to the peaceful and kind people of Armenia.

The reason of Armenians’ anger was the nomination of ex-President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan to the position of Prime Minister of Armenia after he, being the President, in 2015 held a constitutional referendum in the country and transferred power to the prime minister in April 2018.

velvet-revolution-armenia-2018At that time Serzh Sargsyan claimed that he would never be the president or the prime minister of Armenia so that no one would doubt that he was doing these reforms for the sake of democracy and freedom.

As a result of the velvet revolution in Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan and the government resigned, opposition leader Serzh Sargsyan became the prime minister of the Republic of Armenia.

According to the head of the EU delegation in Armenia, the events can be called an ideological revolution.
As the leader of this revolutions mentions, this was a revolution of love and not a single place was left for the aggression, so the Velvet revolution won and there was not a single death!


new-year-in-armenia-toursNew Year and Christmas holidays in Armenia have a unique way of celebration. The traditional celebration of New Year and Christmas are fantastic but Armenians do not exclude also trying new ways of having fun on these days.

Let’s discover more about Armenian New Year, Christmas, why to choose Armenia, where to go and what to do during these lovely holidays.


Armenian New Year celebration always starts on the evening of December 31st and continue throughout January 1st. There are many traditions and customs which are the same in many countries: such traditions as fireworks, parties, traditional dishes and so on.

Yerevan is 2800 years old

The capital of Armenia Yerevan was established in 782 BC by the powerful king of Van kingdom Argishti I. The cuneiform inscription which was founded during the excavations at the Arin Berd hill in Yerevan confirms this.
“By the greatness of God Khaldi, Argishti, son of Menua, built this impregnable fortress, called Erebuni, to the power of Biainili and the horror of its enemies”.

Erebuni Yerevan

Yerevan 2800 Anniversary - Yerevan birthday 2018

Yerevan 2800

This year in 2018 the capital of Armenia Yerevan is celebrating its 2800th anniversary. It is going to be fantastic in September.

Erebuni Yerevan history

In the 9th century, BC Urartu kingdom was formed on the territory of now-day Yerevan. Archaeologists state that there is a cuneiform inscription that indicates the date of the fortress of Erebuni founded in 782 BC by the orders of King Argishti I at the place of Yerevan, as a fortress.

Ecotourism in Armenia

In busy and occupied societies, people feel lack of close communication with one another. Perhaps this is why they opt for leisure outside the big cities, in rural communities. Ecotourism is the best fit for these busy people.

What is Ecotourism

Imagine yourself going on a real trip in some kind of eco-park instead of having traditional shish kebab and evening karaoke. In such eco-settings you are likely to meet a rabbit, roe deer and if you are lucky enough – even a real fox!

Far from the driveways and dusty roads, you will see what real nature looks like – inspect  every unfamiliar flower you may come across, find glades of rare lilies in the valley and even watch birds known only from fairy tales. We guarantee – everyone will be delighted.

You can test your abilities in wild conditions:

  • try putting up a tent;
  • learn how to make a fire;
  • try preparing food on a skewer.

The camping conditions, of course, are not wild, but they will appeal to those who have decided to taste the spirit of freedom.