New Year in Armenia

The most wonderful time of the year is coming and it is a great time to think about discovering something new and interesting. 

New Year tours to Armenia are a wonderful opportunity for you to celebrate the main event of 2018 and 2019 in a new environment, to experience new traditions of New Year and Christmas and to enjoy the hospitality of Armenians. 

It is the most cheerful, significant and beautiful event in Armenia, which gives faith in the aspirations, hopes for positive change and high expectations for the coming year.


Garni Gorge is very popular among tourists visiting this place to see the natural rocks of amazing beauty, which are known as the “Symphony of Stones” or “Basalt organ”.

The rocks have the appearance of long vertical pillars of hexagonal shape, which is associated with the church organ. Huge stone pillars are located at a height of about 50 meters above the ground.

Armenian cuisine - a real treat for any gourmet.

Armenia is a country of hot summer sun, mountain rivers and rocky soils. Maybe this is the exact secret combination of factors that makes everything growing in this land so delicious and full of life. The country truly boasts not only rich culture and hospitable people but also authentic cuisine with abundant choice of delicacies for every taste. The cuisine here is so rich and various, that it will satisfy the tastes and preferences of any tourist. Even the most rigorous gourmets won’t remain indifferent. Armenian food  is the most ancient in the Caucasus region. It formed about 2000 years ago. Well-developed stock raising in the Armenian highlands led to a variety of meat and dairy products, and the early appearance of agriculture explains the extensive use of grains, vegetables and herbs. It is hard to imagine Armenian meals without these products. But you may wonder what distinguishes Armenian dishes from others. First and foremost, Armenian food has quite juicy and spicy taste. One of the features of Armenian cuisine is a great number of greengrocery and spices in preparation of dishes. Armenian cooks use 300 kinds of wild-growing grasses and flowers which are used as seasonings or even as basic dishes. The surprising fact is that Armenian cuisine practically does not use fats. The majority of dishes are cooked in drawn butter. It is used for soups, stewing and roasting of meats, poultry, fish and vegetables as well as sweet dishes. Armenians value the naturalness of taste. Meat is traditionally not fried and cut in large chunks. It is boiled, stewed or baked. It’s safe to say the meat is a key component of the Armenian cuisine. Yes, Armenians love meat! But don’t worry vegetarians, you can also find many outstanding and delicious Armenian dishes for you. All these features make Armenian dishes unique, unrivaled, delicious and fragrant – a real treat for any gourmet and connoisseur of true culinary traditions.We’ve compiled some of the best Armenian dishes you need to try once in Armenia.

Yerevan City tour - City Tour in Yerevan - Ararat Tour

Yerevan city tour
Yerevan, a city of pure love and devotion, a land ancient than Rome, is ready to welcome you and give you a bunch of emotions. There is so much to see and do in Yerevan!


Вот уже скоро тёплая осень сменится зимой. Погода в Армении зимой холодная, но не морозная. Продолжительность безморозного периода увеличивается с уменьшением высоты.  Январь здесь самый холодный месяц. В это время температура в горных регионах доходит от -12о до – 25о. а в низменных районах составляет -5о -7о. Это делает привлекательным Армению не тольков летний период, но и в зимние месяцы. И с каждым годом число туристов неуклонно растет. Особенно много любителей активного отдыха и зимних видов спорта. Зимой в Ереване можно посетить большое количество музеев и выставочных залов, послушать концертные программы и посмотреть представления. Во всех регионах Армении можно увидеть своими глазами многочисленные заснеженные храмы и монастыри высоко в горах, которые приобретают завораживающий вид.


The velvet revolution in Armenia began with protests on April 13, 2018, under the slogan “Take a step, reject Serzh“.
The velvet revolution of Armenia in 2018 was a real magic which happened to the peaceful and kind people of Armenia.

The reason of Armenians’ anger was the nomination of ex-President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan to the position of Prime Minister of Armenia after he, being the President, in 2015 held a constitutional referendum in the country and transferred power to the prime minister in April 2018.

velvet-revolution-armenia-2018At that time Serzh Sargsyan claimed that he would never be the president or the prime minister of Armenia so that no one would doubt that he was doing these reforms for the sake of democracy and freedom.

As a result of the velvet revolution in Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan and the government resigned, opposition leader Serzh Sargsyan became the prime minister of the Republic of Armenia.

According to the head of the EU delegation in Armenia, the events can be called an ideological revolution.
As the leader of this revolutions mentions, this was a revolution of love and not a single place was left for the aggression, so the Velvet revolution won and there was not a single death!