Armenia is not only rich in fantastic architecture, wonderful mountains, free water, tasty food, interesting festivals, old churches and boundless hospitability, but also in wine production. You can find the best wine in the world in Armenia.

Armenia is one of the oldest wine producing lands in the world. The history of winemaking goes back to ancient times. In 401–400 BC the Greek armies led by Xenophon reached the country Nairi (Armenia), the soldiers were invited to drink wine and beer kept in “karases” (clay pots).


Francophonie is an event happening every two years and this year, it is our turn to host the 17th edition of Francophonie summit.

Being the greatest International linguistic zone in the world the international organization of la Francophonie tries to share not only the French language but also the values of French-speaking people. The international organization of la Francophonie organizes the Francophonie Festival around the world.
2018 La Francophonie summit is going to take place in Armenia, Yerevan. It will bring officials and heads of state from 84 countries on October 11. By the way, it is the largest international event taking place in Armenia.

Raspberry Festival 2018

Armenia is famous for its different festivals. It is not only an event. Any person visiting a festival, has the opportunity to discover one of the most amazing countries of the world - Armenia!
Raspberry Festival is the event which will interest everybody!👍

On the 28th of July, 2018, at 12:00, the Raspberry festival will be held in the picturesque nature of Ashotavan community of Sisian region, entitled "Guests of the Syuniks".

The event will be accompanied by national songs and dances, you will try traditional Armenian gata, various dishes and, of course, fresh raspberries.

What to do in Armenia

The number of Armenian guests has steadily increased from year to year. After all, Armenia is a duduk and a shish kebab, famous brandy and lavash, carpets and Lake Sevan, noble mountains and thick green forests, apricots, hospitality, toasts… And there are countless ancient monasteries, so many tourist attractions as Tatev, Noravank, Haghartsin, Geghard. However, it can be listed for a long time, and Armenia should be seen with your  own eyes…

Visiting Lake Sevan - Lake Sevan beach - Lake Sevan Church

Lake Sevan is the gemstone of Armenia. It is the favourite place of Armenians, especially in summer. Discover more about Lake Sevan and Sevanavank.

Lake Sevan History

Lake Sevan is believed to have a tectonic origin. The territory of the Lake was inhabited since ancient times. The proof for that is Bronze age castles (Lchashen, Hayravank), Urartian period inscriptions (Velikukhi, Rusa II), medieval constructions (Sevanavank, Hayravank Monastery, etc.) and so on.

Barbecue Festival 2018 Armenia - Feel the taste of Armenia!

Armenia is the best place to taste the most delicious barbecue ever. Armenians are addicted to barbecue and it is a unique tradition for them to make this dish.

Armenians have their own name for the dish known as barbecue, it is – “Khorovats”, which means “roast”. Khorovats is made on “manghal”: it is a grilling apparatus that works with the flaming coals of fire made out of wood. In contrast, barbecue can be made in the oven.

The tradition of Khorovats making
It came from the ancient times that man is responsible for food, so they went hunting and brought meat, then prepared it on fire (in order woman was not hurt).