Visiting Lake Sevan - Lake Sevan beach - Lake Sevan Church

Lake Sevan is the gemstone of Armenia. It is the favourite place of Armenians, especially in summer. Discover more about Lake Sevan and Sevanavank.

Lake Sevan History

Lake Sevan is believed to have a tectonic origin. The territory of the Lake was inhabited since ancient times. The proof for that is Bronze age castles (Lchashen, Hayravank), Urartian period inscriptions (Velikukhi, Rusa II), medieval constructions (Sevanavank, Hayravank Monastery, etc.) and so on.

Barbecue Festival 2018 Armenia - Feel the taste of Armenia!

Armenia is the best place to taste the most delicious barbecue ever. Armenians are addicted to barbecue and it is a unique tradition for them to make this dish.

Armenians have their own name for the dish known as barbecue, it is – “Khorovats”, which means “roast”. Khorovats is made on “manghal”: it is a grilling apparatus that works with the flaming coals of fire made out of wood. In contrast, barbecue can be made in the oven.

The tradition of Khorovats making
It came from the ancient times that man is responsible for food, so they went hunting and brought meat, then prepared it on fire (in order woman was not hurt).

Summer in Armenia

Summer in Armenia 2018
Summer in Armenia are unique for its variety. You can enjoy the picturesque landscapes of the country and learn about the history and culture.
Most importantly, you will break away from the daily bustle and immerse yourself in a unique world of adventure, living history and positive emotions.
Summer in Armenia is the right to choose what the soul desires...

In summer, the most popular excursions are around the country with a visit to Yerevan and Lake Sevan, where you can stay in a fashionable hotel near the lake. 

Watermelon Festival Armenia 2018

Watermelon Festival
Watermelon Festival is an annual festival held annually around the world. Besides enjoying the tastiest watermelons, you can also be a part of the fantastic music, amazing dances and different performances. Nowadays Armenia also celebrates Watermelon Festival annually.

Watermelon Festival Armenia
Yerevan Municipality encourages different tour agencies to start Watermelon festival in Armenia. Armenia is a country where different festivals are held and watermelon festival is one of the tastiest festivals.

Eco Tours In Armenia

What eco-tours are offered in Armenia?
Ecotourism is acquiring new dimensions and finding new routes. Arriving in Armenia,  any tourist immediately asks: "Where can I see what I have not seen? And where is the most interesting thing? "
Unequivocally we can say that there is such a place on the map of Armenia and it is called Urtsadzor, located in the Ararat region.

In the village of Urtsadzor, a number of environmental activities were recently conducted with the assistance of Sunchild and the Wildlife Conservation and Cultural Values ​​Fund. For example, an eco-education center was established in the village, where local residents can attend interesting courses in natural resource management and ecotourism.

Yerevan Color Run 2018 [Armenia]

Yerevan Color Festival, also known as Yerevan Color Run is the name of a very colourful festival, which arises wonderful feelings to everyone who knows the meaning of this amazing festival.

The date and place of the festival
This colourful event takes place in June, so your summer will be unforgettable and full of amazing emotions. Yerevan Color Run will take place in the parking space of Rio Mall on the 2nd of June.