Winter in Armenia: New Year Holidays

New Year is always the expectation of a miracle. And, of course, you often open miracles in unknown places…
Winter in Armenia can become a discovery for New Year’s holidays not only for local residents, but also for guests from even the most distant countries. And this means that Armenia can surprise, enchant, delight.  In a word,   nobody will feel indifferent…
So what is the magic of New Year in Armenia?

Winter tours in Armenia

Winter tours in Armenia 

Winter holidays are a great opportunity to travel to ancient Armenia, visit its cultural and historical sights, learn about local traditions, get acquainted with wonderful hospitable people and taste the world famous Armenian cuisine.

The best places to visit in Armenia in winter 

Armenia is special in its own way. A warm winter makes it possible to organize fascinating tours both in Yerevan and in its environs. Travelers of all age categories can spend interesting time here.

Winter rest in Armenia

Going  on a trip is always tempting and attractive, and in winter is even more so…

The weather is wonderful, nature itself creates the appropriate mood. You want to merge with the nature and forget about everything that bore you, about everything that prevented your cheerful disposition of the spirit.

A trip to Jermuk is a mandatory beginning of a winter trip around Armenia. Jermuk in winter charges not only positive energy, but also fills the entire body with health.

Winter Vacations in Armenia

It is better to choose tours to Armenia for spending a winter vacation in the best conditions at the most affordable prices. You can have a good rest here in one of the health resorts surrounded by magnificent natural landscapes, as well as to celebrate the New Year, Christmas and other winter holidays. Tour to Armenia in the winter is a great holiday gift for the loved ones.

Top 5 cinemas in Yerevan

For every tourist who travels to a city for vacation, it is important to know all the places that can diversify the rest. And, of course, some of the most interesting places where tourists can visit are the cinemas. Cinemas are places where you can spend a good time, watch your favourite films and novelties of the film industry and, of course, get to know the city better.
Currently there are 5 cinemas in Yerevan. 2 of them are located on the territory of shopping centres. We offer you useful information about these cinemas. This information will help you better navigate the city.

Tour Experiences: The Longest Zipline in the World

What is to be a bird?
Zip -line adventure
Have you ever felt as   a bird?
You see the hills below, rivers   like snakes and the picturesque meadows full of unusual plants… It is not a miracle. It is real view if you visit Yenokavan in Armenia.

You will feel it and see with your own eyes. It is a zip-line adventure which can give you a real opportunity to fly like a bird… Experience breathtaking of nice forests and unforgettable nature. And you are  200 meters over the sea level.

You move from one point to another and only the gravitation force helps you… Being attached to the rope you enjoy the flight and move so high above the ground.