Ancient Armenian Roots of Winemaking

Armenia is an ancient land one of the world's oldest civilizations and since ancient days Armenia was famous for th wine making.

Talking about the history of wine-making it should be said that Forefather Noah was the first winemaker according to the Biblical legend. 
The grape was planted in the slope of Mount Ararat.

Armenians are noted as one of the first nations making wine and in accordance with scientifically proved data it has 6000 year history. 

In 401 BC, when the Greek armies were passes on the Armenia, called that time Nairi, in houses they found wine, kept in deep dugouts called as "karas".

In June of 2010 National Geographic Society announced that near the village of Areni, in the same cave where  was found the world's oldest shoe dating back 5,500 years group of Armenian, U.S. and Irish archaeologists found the world oldest winery.

6 Interesting facts about Armenia

1. According to legend the Armenians are the descendents of Haik, a powefull person who didn’t want to live in Babelon under the brutal rule of the King Bel. He took his sons, grandsons, all his big family and moved from Mesopotamia to the north, to Highlands around the Mountain Ararat. But Bel decided to revenge and capture the fugitive family and came with his army to conquer Haik. The battle took place in Ararat Valley and Haik’s family beat the Bels army. It was about xx century B.C.

Since then they lived in freedom and they gave birth to a whole nation – Armenians (Armenian call themselves Hai by the name of their ancestor Haik).

2. The present Capital of Armenia Yerevan was founded in 782 B.C. The name of the initial castle was Erebouni. It is even older than the Eternal City – Rome. There were numerous nice churches and monasteries in Yerevan. Unfortunately in 30s the Bolsheviks ruined almost all of them. Church Zoravor is one of the few survivors. One of nicest Mosques in the Southern Caucasus is the

Nagorno Karabakh is an ancient part of Armenia

The Bolshevik Government in Russia aligned with Germany (1918) and later with Turkey (1920). As a result of this betrayal Turkey started a new war against the young Republic of Armenia. At the same time Bolsheviks attacked Armenia from the east.   Being a member of Antante, the Armenian Government appealed to the British Government, but the answer was disappointing: “sorry, our vessels can’t climb your mountains”.  The Armenian Government decided to transfer power to the Bolsheviks with the hope that they could rescue the country. But the Armenian Bolsheviks were not successful and Armenia, having yielded significant territories to Turkey & Azerbaijan (Karabakh and Nakhichevan), established the Soviet Republic of Armenia on only one-tenth of its historic territory.

The Republic of Armenia in spite of the boundaries of the Soviet regime managed to achieve significant success in the development of almost all spheres of the economy, science, culture and art. All of these are expressed in a sort of a quintessence in the Capital of Armenia, Yerevan.

World Longest Strudel - Armenia Marriot

Fall in Armenia is the most beautiful season for tourists.  Our sunny and pink Yerevan welcomes thousands of guests, who mostly like to stay Central Yerevan.  Daytime is still warm, however evening get wonderfully cool, and Central Yerevan, Republic Square, around Opera House, Victory and other parks and alleys fill will pedestrians, young, middle-age, children, guests and locals.

And what was going on 8 September, 2015 in Republic Square?

Sunday Liturgy in Holy Echmiadzin

Armenians love to go to the church on Sundays.  This is a sacred day, when after six days of work people spend time in relation with God. They separate themselves of all problems and personal relationships, set aside future plans, tasks, to do-s, and in the church, under the deeply touching holy hymns emerge into the presence of our Lord.

In the inner silence they recall what have they done that wasn't glorifying the Lord, think of the days, when in the hassle of the life they had misbehaved, made mistakes, didn't do what would have been good for everyone, had been selfish, inconsiderate, greedy, and many other things.

Back to School Time in Yerevan

September 1 is an excitement for children, students, parents in Armenia.  Some employers even give a day off to parents who have first grade pupils, because everyone gathers around the schools and watch children so wonderfully joyful with their beautiful eyes open, want to see their kids' first serious step towards growth.

Schools, Universities, Collages, all together start their academic year, and Yerevan decorates even more by multiples of pupils and students, talking, walking, discussing their new studies, teachers, friends, and with the colors of flowers, schools bags, held by school kids.  The most excited are the first graders.  Their eyes are so curious, so happy, so hopeful and open.