Top 5 cinemas in Yerevan

For every tourist who travels to a city for vacation, it is important to know all the places that can diversify the rest. And, of course, some of the most interesting places where tourists can visit are the cinemas. Cinemas are places where you can spend a good time, watch your favourite films and novelties of the film industry and, of course, get to know the city better.
Currently there are 5 cinemas in Yerevan. 2 of them are located on the territory of shopping centres. We offer you useful information about these cinemas. This information will help you better navigate the city.

Tour Experiences: The Longest Zipline in the World

What is to be a bird?
Zip -line adventure
Have you ever felt as   a bird?
You see the hills below, rivers   like snakes and the picturesque meadows full of unusual plants… It is not a miracle. It is real view if you visit Yenokavan in Armenia.

You will feel it and see with your own eyes. It is a zip-line adventure which can give you a real opportunity to fly like a bird… Experience breathtaking of nice forests and unforgettable nature. And you are  200 meters over the sea level.

You move from one point to another and only the gravitation force helps you… Being attached to the rope you enjoy the flight and move so high above the ground.

Bread with green or simply "zhngyalov hats"

Armenia is famous for its festivals: bright, colourful, memorable...
But there is a festival  which is held in Artsakh and it cannot be compared with any other in the world.
For the first time this unforgettable event was held in the Askeran district in 2015.
All districts of Artsakh presented their version of bread or flat cakes with greens, so-called "Zhngyalov hats".

What is it?
All the greenery that grows on the territory of Artsakh is collected, finely chopped, a small amount of vegetable oil and spices are added there too, and all this is baked in a thin dough on the heat pan. It turns out matchless pies with greenery in the dough. And how many vitamins! You  cannot count! The mountain air itself is felt when you taste this delicious dish!

"Bread with greens" or "Zhangialov hats" has its own history and roots in the nineteenth century.
The first written references to it were found in Artsakh. And now, from generation to generation, the inhabitants of these places have perfected the recipe for cooking this dish, and today Zhngyalov hats can be considered one of the visiting cards of the country.

Have you ever wanted to feel like a bird?

Then you must visit Armenia and fly on the paraglide.
So what is a paragliding flight with an instructor?

Paragliding is the easiest and most affordable way to soar above the earth, to see the beauty of the Armenian mountains and get your adrenaline dose. And if you decide to take such a step, then you do not need to have any skills at all or be able to control the paraglide. All you need is determination, a good mood and a confident smile so that   the most beautiful moments of the flight can be captured on the video.

Flight will not be controlled by you, but by the instructor, while you sit and enjoy the delights of the landscape and the expanses of the universe....
Before you fly, the instructor will hold a short briefing during which you will learn what to do and what not to do.  Everything is very simple and your main duty is to enjoy the flight.

After take-off, using the hot ascending air currents, the paraglide will gain altitude and soon 2000 meters of height, a view of the mountain relief from a bird's eye will be under you and you will smell the fresh air. Yes, it is the smell, because the air at the top takes on a completely different "taste."

8 Things that can surprise tourists in Yerevan

Customs and life which have become familiar for Yerevan residents sometimes surprise tourists in Armenia who have a lot of questions in this regard. Here is a list of the most interesting and unusual phenomena that will surely attract attention of those who decided to make tours to Armenia.
Street drinking fountains with clear water.

Tourists and guests of the capital can never buy bottled water as all over the city you can find outdoor drinking fountains with absolutely pure water. It is said that the Yerevan residents owe those fountains appearance to the architect Tamanian, who constantly had to buy water in jugs from boys-sellers and therefore such water points appeared in the city's project.

Perfect cleanliness in the metro

All the tourists of the Armenian capital are amazed how pure it is in the Yerevan subway. At the same time there are not even garbage bins or inscriptions with calls to keep clean. But nevertheless no resident will ever allow himself to smoke here or litter.

13 Столиц Армении

У армянского народа за плечами долгий исторический путь, и на протяжении этого пути не раз менялись столицы как Великой так и Малой Армении, Цопка, Киликии и других государственных единиц, которые также создавали армяне за пределами основного государства. Трудно рассказать обо всех столицах Армении, многие из них неизвестны и по сей день. Но невозможно не отметить 13 столиц Великой Армении, являющихся неотьемлемой частью истории армянского народа. Все эти города в свое время ялялись символом государственности для армян, обьединяли народ, благодаря многим из них Армения сохранилась как государство и по сей день. Неслучайно, в качестве элементов здания мэрии современной столицы Армении – Еревана, построены 12 колонн в честь 12 столиц Великой Армении (не считая Еревана). В роли столицы Еревану предшествовали следующие города Великой  Армении.